Engineering Design Surveys

New construction projects typically begin with an Engineering Design Survey, requested by a civil engineer in charge of a project design. These surveys include ground level topography and the location and documentation of visible evidence of existing improvements.  Engineering Design Surveys can be performed for a wide range of civil projects, including the design of roads and bridges, drainage studies, water improvements, stormwater improvements, and sewer projects.

During the design survey, ACS works closely with civil engineers to gather the “as-built” existing site conditions in and around the proposed project, and determine all of the controlling elements to be used as the basis for the project design.

Engineering Design Surveys incorporate elements from land, hydrographic and geophysical surveys. ACS works closely with engineers and planners to develop survey drawings that will be incorporated into engineering design plans.

We work daily in Temple, Belton, Waco, Killeen, and Georgetown, and will go anywhere in Texas to perform survey work.

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