Company History

All County Surveying (ACS) was formed in 1988 by Charles C. Lucko, RPLS, and consisted of Mr. Lucko and one employee. Work was done from the Lucko residence in Temple, Texas, and this continued for three years. In 1991 Melinda Lucko was brought on board as bookkeeper and office manager, and the company moved into a small, leased space in a Temple office complex. As the firm began to grow, two more employees were added.

In 1993, Robert Love, RPLS, joined the company. Mr. Love had previously owned Temple-based Surveying & Engineering company 'Frank Martin Engineers, Inc.'   ACS still maintains files from over 30 years of records from Frank Martin.  On August 27, 2002, Robert lost his battle with Cancer.  His spirit and ideas still remain a strong part of ACS.

ACS (a sole proprietorship) incorporated in 1993 and became All County Surveying, Inc. with Charles C. Lucko, president; Robert S. Love, vice president; and Melinda A. Lucko, secretary / treasurer.

In 1994, ACS moved into it’s current location in Temple, and now employs a staff of 18 people.  All field work is performed with electronic data collection, and all drawings are produced by utilizing releases of industry standard CAD software. Four crews operate daily; five Crews can be dispatched when needed. ACS works daily in Temple, Belton, Waco, Killeen, Georgetown, and will go anywhere in Texas to perform survey work.

ACS performs most types of surveying and offers a cost proposal prior to beginning work.

Fully insured, with General Liability, Worker’s Compensation, Automobile Liability, and Professional Liability Insurance coverage, ACS does everything in writing, for our client’s protection, and for our own protection.

We work daily in Temple, Belton, Waco, Killeen, and Georgetown, and will go anywhere in Texas to perform survey work.

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